Surfline Business Solutions

With our unique offering of an advanced 4G LTE network, comprehensive communication plans and enterprise-oriented value-added services, Surfline Business Solutions is the ideal partner to make your business more efficient and profitable.

At Surfline, we understand that no two businesses are the same and we work with our partners across all industries to develop tailor-made solutions that drive enterprise growth.

Our customer-focused service delivery is designed to make you feel like you are our only partner.

VPN Interconnectivity

If your business operations requires interconnectivity you can interconnect multiple sites over our LTE mobile technology to communicate, share information and execute real time transactions over a fast, secure and reliable Network. Surfline’s 4G LTE network will afford your business cost effective solutions that ensures high productivity and profitability.


4G LTE Broadband Internet

Surfline’s 4G LTE Broadband Internet Service is designed to provide your business with reliable, secure, direct access to the Internet. With our robust 4G LTE infrastructure backed by our superior service delivery and one customer support, Surfline’ s broadband internet access enables support for applications that interface with a business’s customers in real time and enables employees to share information and work from everywhere. 


The Surfline Advantage

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