Free Weekend Bonus FAQ

1. What is Surfline Free Weekend Bonus all about?

Answer:  Free weekend bonus is an offer where customers who uses 5GB and above between Monday and Friday get 50% of the total usage back as bonus for use on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

2. Does it mean that I don’t get the bonus if I don’t use 5GB or above between Monday and Friday?

Answer:  Yes. This offer will only credit bonus to customers who use 5GB and above between Monday and Friday.

3. When and how will I know when I am credited with the free weekend bundle?

Answer:  The weekend bonus will be credited to you in the early hours of Saturday. You would be notified via SMS when the 50% weekend bonus is allocated.

4. How long can I use the free weekend bonus?

Answer:  The free weekend bonus is valid from Saturday 00:00 till Sunday 23:59GMT of each week.

5. Will I get bonus for data I use during weekend?

Answer: No. You are awarded bonus only for data used between Monday and Friday. So data used during weekends will not be counted as eligible to receive bonus data.

6. How can I differentiate between data I purchased myself from what was received as gift and free weekend data bonus?

Answer:  Purchased data goes into your main data balance. Gift data goes to your gift data balance and the free weekend bonus goes to the bonus balance.

7. Will I get bonus for using data from other data balances?

Answer: No. Only usage from your main data will be counted as eligible to receive bonus data.

8. Will I be rewarded with a bonus when I use data from my unlimited or video pack bundles?

Answer: No. Only accumulated data usage from your main data will qualify for this offer. This means consumption from an unlimited or video pack bundle will not be eligible for this bonus.

9. Which of my data would I use first?

Answer:  The weekend bonus will have a higher priority. This means if you have the free weekend bonus you will charged from that first, after you will charged from you gift data if you have one. The last data to be charged for data used is the main account data.

10. Is this offer available for all Surfline customers?

Answer: No. This bundle is only available for customers on the Surplus offer who are currently not on the win-back or Students’ offers.

11. Can customers on your old offers – Wowerful and Surfprise also enjoy this offer?

Answer: Customers who are still on WOWerful and SURFprise can benefit from the offer by purchasing any SURFplus bundle. However, once they buy the bundle, they will be migrated permanently and will not enjoy the benefits of their old offer.

12. Is this offer available for all Surfline Business customers?

Answer: No. Business customers are also NOT eligible to this offer.

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