SurfPlus Bundles Just Got Upgraded!

Product Description

Bundle Validity(Days) Price(GHS)
1.5GB 15 20
5GB 30 35
12GB 30 75
25GB 30 140
50GB 60 250
100GB 90 399

Everybody's Internet needs are unique, so no matter your lifestyle, SurfPlus has a bundle designed specifically for you! The new and improved SurfPlus Bundles make sure you have enough time to make the most of your bundle.

If you are a new Surfline Customer, we are sure you will enjoy these or our Unlimited Bundles. Our existing customers can opt to stay on their existing WOWerful and SURFprise Bundles or make the permanent switch to SurfPlus or Unlimited Bundles.

Please note that once you switch to the new bundles, you will start enjoying the benefits they come with and lose the benefits you enjoy on the old bundles.

Make the switch now and experience a world of limitless possibilities!

SurfPlus Rollover: Don't lose it if you don't use it.

SurfPlus Rollover is available to all Surfline customers who purchase prepaid data bundles. It comes as part of all SurfPlus bundle offers. Once you make a Surfplus bundle purchase you have an opportunity to rollover all unused data from the existing bundle into your next bundle purchase.

Auto-Renewal: Refresh, Repeat, Restore

Most prepaid data plans involve a monotonous monthly purchasing process. Surfline eliminates that hassle for those who choose to automatically renew their plan. For the auto-renewal to occur customers will need to have a cash balance on their account greater than or equal to the price of the data bundle to which they are subscribed. It’s like a postpaid-prepaid plan.

Account Suspension: Take a Timeout 

Your unused data shouldn’t disappear just because you leave the country or can't use your account for an extended period of time for some reason. With Surfline, customers can suspend their account for a period of up to 3 months by visiting a Surfline store.