Management Team

Surfline is led by an impressive group of management personnel that reflect the brand's unique lifestyle-meets-data vision. The diverse group has strong Ghanaian roots and backgrounds in the telecommunications, banking, oil, commodities, retail, and hospitality industries.  

John E. Taylor - Executive Chairman

John Taylor is Surfline’s Founder and Executive Chairman. He is responsible for the overall direction of Surfline’s LTE network. His vision is to enhance infrastructure and development in Ghana through the addition of Surfline’s network. His hope is that Surfline will bring new jobs, businesses and industries to Ghana.

Taylor founded Woodfields, formerly Cirrus Energy Services Limited, in 1999 and quickly transformed it into the leading oil trading company in Ghana. In 2007, he founded Cirrus Oil Services (COS) that was one of the three pioneer bulk distribution companies (BDCs) licensed to import petroleum products and bulk market to the oil marketing companies. COS is currently the BDC market leader. Taylor is a true visionary with impeccable entrepreneurial skills. He is a pioneer in transforming Greenfield projects into successful businesses across various sectors of the Ghanaian economy. The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana honored him as the Best Entrepreneur in Oil and Gas Sector in Ghana in 2010.

Taylor is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Woodfields Energy Resources and Executive Chairman of Cirrus Oil Services, Bay Developers and Freshfields Farms. He has over 25 years of experience in the oil, automobile, finance and real estate industries with business interests in Ghana and abroad.

Dr. Yaw Akoto - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Yaw Akoto is Surfline's Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction in the company. His primary goal is to successfully launch a true 4G LTE network and for Surfline to become a world-class provider of data services in the West African sub-region.

Dr. Akoto has over 30 years of experience in technology and business development and the general management of companies in the energy, petroleum and specialty chemical industries as well as new technology and business development within a global Fortune 100 company. Dr. Akoto was the Managing Director of a state-owned oil and gas logistics company before joining Surfline. He was also the former Chief Executive Officer of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) Limited and served as a commissioner of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ghana.

Justice K. Taylor - Chief Commercial Officer

Justice Taylor is Surfline’s Chief Commercial Officer and is responsible for leading the entire commercial team – including sales, marketing, enterprise and customer care – to success. His vision is to make Surfline the preferred LTE carrier in Ghana while cultivating brand loyalty both internally and externally. He plans to push Surfline’s mobile solutions nationwide and enhance its advanced enterprise capabilities, serving and satisfying the needs of millions.

Taylor is a leader in new project developments throughout the continent, and serves on the Board of Directors for Freshfields Farms Ghana and Obsidian Group LLC. He has led strategic and financial initiatives in the services industry for over 15 years in areas of private equity investing, corporate sales and strategic management.